Best Hunting Rifle Cases

How to Choose the Best Case for Your Hunting Rifle?

A gun case is a very useful and necessary thing, and not an ordinary accessory.

Functions performed by a gun case

  • According to the legislation, a gun outside the forest belt must be carried only in a case.
  • During transportation, the cover serves as protection against impact and damage.
  • Protects against dust and moisture.

A case or case for a rifle is a necessary purchase. The case protects the firearm from damage, simplifies the transportation process, and provides convenient placement of additional equipment. In addition, in some situations, this is compliance with the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation. For transportation of uncovered weapons in motor vehicles, administrative liability is provided. It is convenient to buy a case for a rifle with or without optics on our website.

Any air gun owner needs practical and convenient accessories for carrying, storing and using it. One of these accessories is a case or case for pneumatics, which you can buy in our store not only in assortment, but also with reference to other outstanding features and advantages of the goods.

How profitable and correct is it to buy cases and covers for pneumatics in our company? What are the features of the pneumatic cases presented in our catalog?

Types of Rifle Cases

Quite a variety of materials are used for the manufacture of covers, but the main role is assigned to such an indicator as rigidity.

Soft and Thin Cases


For their manufacture, a dense fabric is used, which, in the form of a finished product, is covered with a substance that repels water. These cases are lightweight and compact (when no rifle is in them). They serve as excellent protection against water and dust. Besides the visible pluses, there are also minuses. Since the thickness of these covers is only 1.2 layers of fabric, they are not able to protect the weapon from serious mechanical damage.

Semi-Rigid Covers


The material used for the manufacture of covers is genuine leather. Despite the softness of the material, the product keeps its shape and perfectly protects against damage. These cases are lightweight, but they are very rigid, and are also quite bulky, so they are not as compact as the first option. Among other things, the product will perfectly serve for carrying fragile accessories.

Hard Rifle Cases

Hard Rifle Cases

Materials for making:

  • plastic;
  • tree;
  • aluminum;
  • durable leather.

These cases are commonly referred to as cases. They are the best protection of the gun from scratches, dents and other mechanical damage. The cases are quite bulky and heavy, so they are more suitable for transport than for carrying. Quite often, such products from the inside will be supplemented with fasteners and straps for better fixation of the gun. Among other things, the covers are complemented by various pockets.

Rifle Cases Materials


This material is of the highest quality and most durable. Leather provides excellent protection against moisture, dirt and dust particles.


  • high price;
  • weight (leather covers weigh more than fabric covers).

Artificial Leather or Eco Leather

It is a fairly light material, but not durable. It can crack from time to time and from subzero temperatures. This performance is the main drawback of the material.


It is a fairly light material that retains moisture well. The disadvantage of the material is the fact that the tarpaulin cannot retain moisture for an infinitely long time. Another drawback is rapid deformation.


This fabric is a good option for a cover. There are quite a lot of synthetic fabrics and they have good performance characteristics:

  • resistant to moisture;
  • resistance to low temperatures;
  • ease of care;
  • light weight.


Points to consider when buying a gun case:

The purchase of the product must be carried out taking into account all the dimensions of the weapon. The best option would be a case made specifically for the model of the gun. Quite often, cases and covers are made according to individual orders.

Rifle case with 120 cm, 110 cm, 75 cm optics? The inner size of the case must fully match the length of the rifle, leaving no free space. The next point to be considered is the material. Genuine leather, aviation tarpaulin, fabric are the main options. The selection takes into account the terms of use. For example, the waterproof case for the MP-512 rifle is an excellent choice for hunting. If you need a weapon for recreational shooting, you can buy a leather case. Frequent and long trips – a reason to order a hard case for an air rifle, which will ensure the best safety of the weapon during transportation.

The purchase of the cover must be carried out in accordance with the hunting conditions. For example, if you need to get to the hunting place by off-road transport, then a soft case will definitely not work, since it will not help protect the weapon from damage. If you can get to the place on foot, then the best option would be a light soft case.


Don’t overlook details such as straps, handles (handy or over your shoulder) and pockets. It is imperative to pay attention to how tightly the attachments are sewn to the cover itself. The cover must be selected based on personal preference and the characteristics of the gun. The opinions of other hunters in this case are not guidelines.

A high-quality case or case for pneumatic weapons is a guarantee that the pistol or rifle will be reliably protected from mechanical damage, environmental influences, temperature changes and will retain not only their performance, but also an attractive appearance. And another good reason for purchasing a case or case for airguns is the requirements of the Legislation regulating the correct and safe storage of weapons. During transportation and storage, the weapon must be in a case or a special case.

What are the features and advantages of the cases and covers for pneumatics presented in our store?

  • Weight. Each case for pneumatics has a minimum weight, no matter what material it is made of, which allows the owner of the weapon to store and transport it conveniently.
  • Material. Cases and covers for pneumatics are made from both hard construction materials and soft varieties. Each material is characterized by increased strength, wear resistance and durability, even with intensive use.
  • Locks. Each case for pneumatics is equipped with a reliable and high-quality lock, most of which are protected from arbitrary opening, and some of which are closed and opened with a key.
  • Capacity. A modern case for pneumatics should have enough space not only to carry weapons, but also related accessories. All our cases and covers for pneumatics are spacious and easy to use.

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