Best Summer Camouflage Suits

Best Summer Camouflage Suits


Camouflage overalls, originally intended for the needs of the army, have firmly established themselves in the wardrobe of hunters, fishermen and all fans of outdoor activities.

Choosing summer outfit, opt for clothes made from natural fabrics – cotton or linen. These materials dry quickly and are breathable to help maintain optimal body temperature and avoid overheating. Some manufacturers actively use membranes and impregnations with silver ions, which prevent the growth of bacteria and the appearance of an unpleasant smell of sweat.

More often for the summer they purchase a set of pants and a jacket, under which they put on a T-shirt or a long-sleeved shirt.

#1 JahtiJakt Saura Nowind Pro

JahtiJakt Saura Nowind Pro

Comfortable and practical outfit from a well-known Finnish manufacturer. The jacket and trousers are made of a modern three-layer softshell material that can be freely stretched in 4 directions. The fabric is reinforced with a NoWind Pro windproof and water-repellent membrane and Kevlar reinforcements on the elbows, knees, shoulders and bottom of the legs.

The main zipper of the jacket and the zippers of the slit pockets are incredibly durable and waterproof. Under the armpits and around the thighs, the model has ventilation openings closed with a mesh and a zipper. The trousers are completed with a belt with a durable plastic buckle.

Thanks to the drawstring at the waist, on the bottom of the jacket, legs and on the cuffs of the sleeves, camouflage looks neat and stylish in its own way, and the D-Hide pixel color will reliably hide the presence of a hunter in a deciduous or coniferous forest. A very comfortable suit for active hunters who like nothing to restrict movement, and everything you need is at hand.

  • 11 conveniently located sewn-in pockets;
  • The hood with a visor is adjustable in two positions;
  • Waterproof zippered chest pocket for walkie-talkie or navigator;
  • Lightweight and silent material;
  • Side pockets with fixed cartridges;
  • All sizes from 44 to 62.
  • Not cheap.

#2 Biostop “Optimum”

camouflage suits

A unique development of a Russian company together with entomologists will reliably protect against bites of encephalitis ticks and mosquitoes. For the manufacture of the model, high-quality fine-fiber cotton with poisonous, oil and water-repellent impregnations is used.

Additional protection from blood-sucking insects is provided by fabric folds and cuffs located on the legs and sleeves of the suit, as well as a mosquito net hidden in the hood. The special dense weave of the fabric threads is too tough for even mosquitoes.

The outfit consists of an elongated jacket and trousers with a comfortable ergonomic cut. Eight branded pockets allow you to conveniently store all the necessary things. The manufacturer guarantees the effect of insecticidal protection for two years, even after 50 washes.

  • The suit has no rustling details and hardly wrinkles;
  • Insecticidal impregnation is absolutely harmless to people;
  • Trousers with straps and jacket refill lining do not bulge;
  • Oversized fit at the knees and elbows;
  • There are models for children, women and men in two camouflage colors (green and sand).
  • Sold only in specialized stores or through the official website.

The line of suits “Optimum” is specially designed taking into account the wishes of fishermen, hunters and tourists. Anti-encephalitis impregnation paralyzes arthropods in 3-4 minutes, which excludes the introduction of parasites home even after a long journey. The equipment has been successfully tested in the taiga and is very popular among workers in the logging industry.

#3 Pilgrim Gorka-7 Premium


A high-quality anatomical suit from the Belarusian manufacturer consists of trousers and a jacket in Oliva colors. The product is sewn of velvety wear-resistant fabric Pich Soft Ultra, consisting of 100% cotton with a density of 245 g / m2, with a water-repellent impregnation.

The elongated jacket with a hood fastens with a reinforced tractor zipper, covered with a windproof strap. Trousers with an elastic band have wide belt loops for a belt or harness. The model is adjustable in width at the waist and at the bottom of the jacket with laces. Velcro straps are provided on the cuffs of sleeves, legs and under the knee. The suit has 18 spacious pockets and removable shoulder straps.

  • Doesn’t restrict movement;
  • The fabric does not make any sound when moving;
  • Convenient buttoned patch pockets with flap;
  • Elbow and knee reinforcements;
  • Wide range of sizes (42-62).
  • The fabric will fade over time in the sun and shed when washed in hot water.

An excellent summer suit of universal colors, which has survived seven modifications, will suit hunters and fishermen.

#4 Holster Pike Perch

Holster Camo

A summer camouflage suit from a Russian manufacturer in a modern military style, made of a high-strength blended fabric (65% polyester and 35% cotton). The rip-stop weave is supplemented with a water-repellent impregnation. The suit is comfortable at air temperatures from +5 to +25 ° С.

A long jacket with four sewn-on flap pockets fastens with hidden buttons. Special assemblies between the shoulder blades do not restrict hand movements, which is necessary when fly fishing or spinning.

Elasticated trousers are fastened with a strong iron button, there are also wide belt loops. The pants have six capacious pockets with flaps and ventilation slots to prevent water accumulation.

  • Very durable and wear-resistant material;
  • Soft, pleasant to the touch fabric;
  • Does not make noise when driving;
  • The sleeve is transformed into a short one;
  • The jacket is pulled at the waist and at the bottom.
  • No hood.

Comfortable and practical camouflage will suit fishermen, outdoor enthusiasts and townspeople.

The best Demi-Season Camouflage Suits

Choosing demi-season clothes is sometimes more difficult than summer or winter ones. The weather in autumn and spring is very unstable: morning frosts can be replaced by daytime heat, and rain appears literally out of nowhere.

Far from settlements near water or in a forest, cold and dampness is felt much more strongly. Therefore, the equipment is required to maximize the conservation of natural heat, the removal of moisture and prevent it from getting under the suit. Membranes and fleece pads do an excellent job with these tasks.

#1 KE Tactical

KE Tactical Camo Suit

A high-quality set of the Russian manufacturer consists of a parka with a fleece lining-vest and trousers. The set is sewn of a mixed fabric (50% polyester, 50% cotton) with water-repellent impregnation and is designed to be worn at temperatures from 0 to +15 ° C. The removable liner plays the role of not only insulation, but also effectively wicks moisture away.

The jacket has a fitted silhouette and an anatomical sleeve. Elbows, shoulders, chest, back and hood are reinforced with two layers of fabric. If necessary, elastic isolon inserts are inserted into the secret pockets on the knees and elbows, which have heat-insulating and moisture-repellent properties.

The trousers are fastened with a zipper, Velcro and a cord. It is also possible to insert a belt. The trousers are held on by suspenders, the bottom of the leg is tucked into the ankle boots, and the top tab is adjusted to size and fastened with Velcro.

  • Large selection of sizes (from 40 to 58) and different sizes;
  • Variety of colors;
  • The fabric does not stretch when wet and the hooks do not unravel;
  • After washing in an automatic machine, no ironing is required;
  • The vest can be washed and dried separately;
  • The special design of the sleeves does not displace the fabric on the torso, does not hinder the movement of the hands.
  • Only one inside pocket on the jacket.

The suit will appeal to fans of running or tactical hunting, fishermen, treasure hunters, as well as owners of open vehicles (ATVs, motorcycles and motor boats). The model is ideal for rapidly changing off-season weather. The fleece vest can be used as insulation, and then quickly unfastened and dried right in the field.

#2 HD Camo Alaska Extreme Lite BlindMax

HD Camo Alaska Extreme Lite BlindMax

The very popular all-season camouflage from the Finnish manufacturer is made of an innovative three-layer material. The model consists of a jacket with a detachable hood and trousers with a high waist. The latter come with a soft lining, protect the lower back from hypothermia and are adjustable in width and height with Velcro cuffs.

The outer layer of the suit is 100% polyester with a water and dirt repellent coating. The second is a steam membrane. Inside – natural cotton lining. Taking into account thermal underwear, sweaters or thin sweaters, the suit is designed for a temperature range from +15 to -10 ° С.

All seams of the product are protected with waterproof tapes, branded YKK rubberized snakes are used as fasteners. In warm weather or during active walking, the mesh ventilation holes can be unbuttoned on the sides of the jacket.

  • Quiet and lightweight fabric;
  • Lots of handy pockets (3 inside and 9 outside);
  • Ergonomic contoured knee cut;
  • Elegant silhouette thanks to Velcro straps at the waist and trousers;
  • Does not get wet and maintains a comfortable indoor microclimate.
  • Although declared by the manufacturer as an all-season one, it does not warm in severe frost.

A sturdy suit for walking hunting. The comfortable fit of the model is designed for sneaking up, going out for a shot or squatting. Camouflage does not get wet, does not stick with snow and does not rustle. With such characteristics, it is much cheaper than similar European or American counterparts.

#3 Cosmo-tex Pathfinder Boston

Cosmo-tex Pathfinder Boston

A practical suit of a domestic manufacturer is produced in the most popular camouflage colors corresponding to locations in central Russia. The set consists of a jacket and trousers, sewn from a waterproof (10,000 mm h.p.) membrane fabric with excellent vapor permeability – 3.000 g / m.

A layer of padding polyester insulation (150 g / m2 in a jacket and 100 g / m2 in trousers) will make you feel comfortable at temperatures from +10 to -5 ° С. The jacket with an adjustable hood fastens with a rubberized zip covered with a windproof strip. The legs of the trousers are pulled with elastic bands at the bottom with a wide elastic waistband. They protect against wind blowing, snow or ticks.

The outfit is equipped with 8 pockets: 4 insulated mortise pockets and 4 rubberized patch pockets on the valves. They will fit all the necessary hunting and fishing equipment, as well as small personal items.

  • Light weight and excellent elasticity;
  • Durable lining material;
  • Wide range of sizes (from 44 to 62);
  • High wear resistance;
  • Affordable price.
  • The knee and elbow area is not reinforced with an additional layer of fabric.

The model pleases with its universal properties fans of outdoor activities. The “breathable” properties of the membrane will allow lovers of long-distance hunting, mushroom pickers and tourists to feel comfortable, and the synthetic winterizer will keep fishermen and hunters in ambush from freezing.

Best Winter Camouflage Suits

The main requirements for winter equipment are maximum heat saving, protection from wind and precipitation. Multilayer membrane fabrics on natural or synthetic insulation can easily cope with this task. In addition to thermal insulation, do not forget about “noiselessness” and freedom of movement, which is extremely important when hunting from an ambush or sneaking up. Choose kits with bib overalls for additional back and lumbar protection.

#1 HSN Blizzard


The Russian model, in its properties, is in no way inferior to the suits of seasoned European and American brands. The bib and jacket are made of a combined Soft Shell material with a moisture and windproof Shield Tex membrane. Beneath them is a lining with durable Kevlar fibers and goose down insulation.

Such equipment will reliably protect from the cold even in severe frosts (down to -35 ° C) with strong winds and snow. The area of ​​the shoulders, elbows and knees is lined with non-slip fabric and has pockets for PPE liners.

  • 16 different pockets, including inner and a game bag on the back;
  • Moisture protection of all seams;
  • Anti-slip fabric on the shoulders with leather rifle strap stopper;
  • Pockets for additional insulation inserts;
  • “Silent” fabric.
  • The maximum size is 58;
  • High cost.

The Shaman collection is presented in a variety of camouflage colors, made according to a special pattern technology, imitating various locations (forest, mountainous terrain, savannah), as well as universal “olive” and “brown”. Such a variety will allow every hunter or fisherman to choose a suit that suits him.

#2 Norfin Hunting Wild Green


A functional and technological winter suit from a well-known Latvian brand. The set, consisting of a jacket and a semi-overalls, will not only warm you in the bitter 30-degree frosts, but also reliably protect you from sleet and rain (waterproof 6000 mm HV).

The company’s patented material Norfin Silent allows you to sneak up on prey absolutely silently, and the universal coloring allows you to remain invisible against the background of trees and bushes. The inner membrane Nortex Breathable with a vapor permeability of 6000 g / m2 maintains an optimal microclimate even during long transitions and active winter holidays.

The equipment is thought out to the smallest detail and boasts many convenient “chips” that will be appreciated by avid hunters and fishermen. Among them: an abundance of all kinds of pockets, including those with built-in bandoliers, anti-slip shoulder pads, an ergonomic cut of the knees, and the presence of a snow-protective skirt.

  • Excellent heat-insulating and breathable properties of the fabric;
  • Lightweight and comfortable;
  • Can be machine washed;
  • High quality fittings;
  • Warm and soft fleece lining;
  • High zippers at the bottom of the legs;
  • Integrated reflective pads.
  • Expensive.

The price of the novelty is too high, although in comparison with the promoted brands, it does not seem so transcendental.

#3 Novatex Akela Winter Pride


The camouflage of a domestic manufacturer is designed for extremely low temperatures in the Russian North. The model is sewn from a “noiseless” fabric using a special patented membrane with waterproofing 10000 mm h. Art. and steam removal of 10,000 g / m.

The innovative silicone insulation “Russian North” perfectly retains heat and prevents the suit from being blown out by the wind. The outfit consists of a straight silhouette jacket with a hood and pants with Y-shaped suspenders with a detachable back.

  • Designed for the most severe weather conditions;
  • Lots of handy pockets;
  • Braces and clamps adjust the suit to the figure;
  • Sold in an easy-to-store bag;
  • Acceptable cost.
  • There is no additional insulation for the back and chest.

The model was developed taking into account climatic conditions and the wishes of experienced hunters and fishermen.

What is the Best Ghillie Suit to Buy?

The main function of camouflage is to make a person “invisible” to potential prey. The color of the fabric should correspond to the location, season and even the time of day of the hunt. The features of animal vision are also taken into account:

Large ungulates do not distinguish shades of red, but they can see blue perfectly. To hunt deer or roe deer, choose a silhouette-breaking pattern in orange tones (Optifade, Multicam).
Predators see in a close-to-human, albeit narrower range of colors. Clothing with patterns masking the environment (RealTree, Mossy Oak, Kings Camo, Dubok, Kamysh, Les, etc.) will help to hide from them.
The hardest thing to hunt is birds that are not only sensitive to a variety of colors, but also see in the ultraviolet spectrum. It requires not just camouflage, but extreme camouflage on the ground.
In any case, choose clothing with a rhythmic, non-repeating pattern without unnatural large white or black spots.

If your budget does not allow for several different camouflages or your hobby involves travel, the traditional classics – khaki or olive will always help out.

The fabric of the camouflage suit must be silent, waterproof and windproof. Depending on the season, opt for natural breathable materials or a membrane that maintains optimal body temperature.

The special cut of the shape assumes freedom of movement, but at the same time maximum protection from insects and snakes. The presence of convenient zippers, numerous pockets in the right places, Velcro and overlays will make your hobby as comfortable as possible.

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