TOP 8 Rifle Scopes

We are studying the best scopes that will help you quickly and accurately hit the target, reducing ammunition consumption – regardless of external conditions.

TOP 8 Rifle Scopes

TOP 50 Best Night Vision Scopes

Which sight is better to buy?

First of all, the scope is selected for its purpose and needs:

For a hunting rifle, a 3-9 times increase is enough, however, for hunting wild boars, many prefer the maximum possible increase, which is not always true.
For hunting in open areas, a multiplicity of 4x to 14x is suitable, since the unexpected appearance of the animal is not as likely as in the forest.
For shooting at very distant targets, you will need a sight with a magnification of 8x-25x. For sport shooting, constant magnification devices are often used.
The shooter will be able to shoot at a long distance with a low magnification sight, but hitting a closely located target at high magnification will be problematic due to the narrow field of view.

Always consider the minimum and maximum possible magnification of the scope. Check – Best Place To Buy Ammo Online. It is more convenient to use devices with a side focusing adjuster. The presence of drums of vertical and horizontal corrections, which can be adjusted “on the fly”, are encouraged.

Before buying, it is recommended to look through the scope at a distant object. The picture must be clear and detailed across the entire field of view. The reticle should not move as the magnification increases. The lenses should be free of scratches, foreign bodies inside, and bubbles.

Best Night Vision Scopes

Digital night vision models work effectively at any time of the day, and the peculiarities of external lighting are not reflected in the picture quality. Such devices are equipped with zooms, video cameras and are able to withstand strong shock loads. However, some digital devices with low frame rates can be slow.

#1 Pulsar Digex N455

Pulsar Digex N455

This digital sight is used both day and night. CMOS-matrix with HD resolution 1280×720 has high sensitivity. The set includes an external removable IR illuminator, but at dusk and in the presence of the moon in the sky, the sight can do without it.

Digex N455 fits onto 30mm rings. 4x magnification and 2x and 4x zoom provide a maximum magnification of 16x. Lens focusing and diopter adjustment is possible. The model is capable of recording video, sound and photos, and the exchange of information with a computer is via a USB cable, as well as via Wi-Fi.

Monitoring can be done via a smartphone. The picture-in-picture mode provides high-precision aiming: the entire shooting field is visible on the eyepiece screen, and an enlarged target is visible on the additional one. The power supply system consists of two batteries, one of which is replaceable. The sight is delivered in a hard case.

The sight is suitable for smooth-bore weapons of 12 gauge and rifled ones up to 375 caliber. The device is operated at a temperature of -25 .. + 50 ° С.

  • Installed on any weapon;
  • Lightweight and durable waterproof metal housing;
  • 10 reticle, the color and shape of which can be changed;
  • Zeroing in one shot;
  • Field of view 30 °;
  • Stadiometric rangefinder and obstruction angle indicator.
  • High power consumption.

#2 Yukon Sightline N475

Yukon Sightline N475

The focal length of the lens of this model is 70 mm, optical magnification is 6x, and the maximum digital zoom is 24x. The built-in stadiometric rangefinder determines the exact distance to the object, and the picture-in-picture function enlarges the area under the reticle. Power is supplied by a quick-detachable battery. Video recording is possible via microHDMI output.

Each of the three programmable profiles can store up to 10 zeroing parameters. The scope is not afraid of moisture and even withstands short-term immersion in water. If IR is not used, then a full charge of the battery is enough for 4 hours of continuous operation. Unfortunately, you cannot connect an external power supply to this model. This model is ideal for people who hunt the game.

  • Good sensitivity;
  • Distance of observation at night with an IR illuminator 400 m;
  • HD-sensor with a resolution of 1280×720;
  • One button control;
  • Wide-angle eyepiece;
  • 6 reticle;
  • Shock load up to 6000 J.
  • Not the best form factor;
  • There is no embedded video recording.

Best Thermal Scopes

Devices that capture infrared radiation allow the detection of thermal objects. They find a target in all weather conditions and at a fairly large distance. But such devices are highly dependent on power supplies.

#1 Pulsar Thermion XM50

Pulsar Thermion XM50

The model uses a thermal imaging sensor 320×240 pixels, but the size of the pixel itself is 12 microns. This gives a large magnification of 5.5x. The sight is mounted on standard 30 mm rings. The case is durable and completely waterproof. The device is supplied with an additional small battery and a cover for it. Also, the scope is equipped with a cover for a large power supply, which is purchased separately.

The internal battery is non-removable and is charged from microUSB, that is, you can use a regular Power Bank for charging. The reticle increases with the zoom, but at the same time remains thin, which allows you to work on small targets at the maximum possible magnification. Five zeroing profiles allow you to save up to 10 coordinates in each. The removable eyecup is magnetically attached to the scope, which is very convenient for night shooting. This scope can be used with any weapon, even a 12 gauge smoothbore shotgun.

  • Battery life from 7 hours;
  • Thin scalable ballistic nets;
  • 16 GB of internal memory;
  • HD video recording;
  • Wi-Fi connection;
  • Sleek form factor.
  • High price.

#2 Aper TS35

Aper TS35

The model is equipped with a 35 mm germanium lens, as well as a 384×288 matrix, which provides clear and high quality images. The thermal imager detects a human-sized target at a distance of more than one kilometer. But in general, the device is designed for use at medium and short distances, although it still has a margin of efficiency.

The exit pupil is at a distance of 40 mm. The multiplicity is adjustable in the range of 2x-8x. There is a “frame in frame” mode, as well as the ability to choose a color palette, the function of increased brightness is useful in snow or rain.

An external power supply is connected to USB, and data is exchanged using the same cable. One set of batteries lasts for 4 hours of battery life. The device can be operated at temperatures from -40 to +50 ° C. This scope is specially designed for wild boar hunting.

  • Adjustable sharpness;
  • High shock resistance up to 6000 J;
  • Weight 420 grams and small dimensions;
  • Electronic compass and inclinometer;
  • Diopter correction.
  • There is no possibility of recording video and photos;

Best Rifle Scopes

These devices are designed for accurate targeting. They are more in demand and more convenient to use. Through the eyepiece, the shooter sees both the target and the reticle at the same time. Optical sights are available with constant and variable magnification.

#1 Leupold VX-6HD 4-24X52 CDS-ZL2 SF Varmint Hunter

Leupold VX-6HD 4-24X52 CDS-ZL2 SF Varmint Hunter

Model with illuminated reticle and electronic horizon level. Edge-to-edge lens shading helps to eliminate parasitic glare and provides a clear picture across the entire visible field of view. A special coating on the outer lenses reduces friction and protects against scratches. Water droplets and fingerprints are not left on the surface, which is a guarantee of a high-quality image.

The optical tube is filled with argon and krypton, that is, the housing is completely sealed and the optics are protected from fogging. The wide field of view allows even small targets to be quickly detected. The magnification is adjustable from 4x to 24x. The model is mounted on 34 mm rings. With this scope, the shooter will be ready for any situation: bad weather, reaction shots and low lighting.

  • Ergonomic and lightweight design;
  • Parallax correction – mesh stratification is excluded;
  • Good visibility in all light conditions;
  • Mechanical anti-reflective optics device;
  • Precise correction nodes.
  • Overpriced.

#2 Nikon ProStaff P5 6-24×50 Matte BDC

Nikon ProStaff P5 6-24x50 Matte BDCThe focus and zoom rings in this model are made of metal. The 50mm lens has a wide field of view from 5.6m to 1.4m at 100m. The model is suitable for hunting at dusk or cloudy weather. There are no complaints about the work of mechanics when aligning with parallax compensation – everything is clear and without backlash. The sealed and wear-resistant body with a matte finish prevents unwanted reflections in the sun. This is the longest range scope in the entire Nikon ProStaff range. It is designed for shooting at a very distant target. Can be used for sniping, hunting and benchresting.

  • Coated optics;
  • Nitrogen filled waterproof housing;
  • Parallax correction from 45.7 m;
  • Withstands immersion in water up to 1 meter.
  • The kit does not come with a mount – you need to buy it separately.

Best Reflex Sights

There is no focus in these devices, so the distance to the shooter’s eye does not matter. The lens captures the object in the field of view and projects the point into the user’s eye. Such a sight is useful for ambush hunting, for sudden shooting or when hitting a moving target.

#1 Holosun Elite Micro HE507C-GR

Holosun Elite Micro HE507C-GR

This collimator features green illumination. Thanks to its light weight (75 grams), slim body and panoramic view, the device is very convenient to use. The device is adjustable in brightness in 12 modes, the aiming mark can be modified into a point, a circle with a point, or just a circle. The location of the aiming and hit points is constant regardless of the position of the user’s head.

High-tech LEDs consume negligible amount of energy with an average backlight brightness, the solar battery can withstand about 10 years of operation. The sight body is made of aluminum alloy, and the polished lenses are coated, which ensures the reliability of the device and ease of use. Elite Micro is suitable for any weapon – be it a carbine, pistol or shotgun.

  • Auto-on when driving and shutdown when idle;
  • Works even with a faulty battery;
  • Quick selection of reticle;
  • Management flexibility;
  • Good build quality
  • Compatible with night vision devices.
  • Prone to clogging.

#2 Veber 1×30 RD

Veber 1x30 RD

A miniature model of a closed-type collimator with a magnification of 1x has a wide viewing angle and the ability to fire ahead. It is convenient to aim with both the left and right eyes. The mark is illuminated and points accurately to the target regardless of the position of the shooter’s eyes.

The brightness and color of the dot can be adjusted based on the environment. The drums for entering corrections are protected from accidental changes of settings, as well as from moisture. The body is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, which ensures the durability of the device with a low weight. This one is suitable for paintball game as well as close range shooting.

  • Lightweight – 125 g;
  • Operation at a temperature of -5 .. + 40 ° С;
  • Budget cost;
  • Landing diameter 30 mm;
  • Adjustable red / green backlight;
  • Compactness.
  • Not the most accurate step for entering corrections is 1/2 inch.

Different Types of Rifle Scopes

The sight is an integral part of the weapon necessary for the shooter to be able to fire aimed fire at targets. In this article, I will tell you as briefly and intelligibly as possible about all types of scopes, their advantages and disadvantages.

Mechanical Scope


Mechanical – installed on almost all rifles, being the “standard” aiming device. For correct aiming of the eyes, the shooter must look through three objects at once: targets, front sight and rear sight. These three objects form an aiming line to ensure an accurate hit. Of the advantages – simplicity and reliability, as well as the absence of the need for an energy source.

However, the mechanical sight obscures a very large part of the view, which greatly interferes with firing.



Collimator – a sight that uses a collimator device to build an aiming mark in the lens. The advantages of this sight are that it, in comparison with a mechanical one, greatly facilitates aiming (it reduces the aiming time by about two times). At the same time, based on the design features, it does not interfere with the view, leaving the field of view almost completely open. At the same time, the reflex sight requires very careful maintenance, as it is prone to contamination. In addition to hand-held small arms, this type of sight is also used in aviation.

holographic scope


Holographic – the principle of operation is approximately the same as that of a collimator – the concentration of light beams in the lens. However, the main difference is that the aiming mark is already applied to the exit window of the sight, and all that remains is to illuminate it with a laser in order for it to appear. From this it follows that the brand of a holographic sight can be of very different shapes, it all depends on the customer’s imagination. All this allows you to quickly navigate in the presence of actively changing goals.

  • The holographic image is perfectly visible regardless of the illumination

  • The sight marker is always centered at any viewing angle

  • Lack of glare

  • High reliability – the sight can be broken, smeared in anything, but the aiming mark will still be highlighted

  • Only one – a very high cost compared to a classical collimator, which, however, is offset by its positive qualities.


Laser (LCC) – I think everything is clear here: the source is activated and creates a laser beam that can be aimed at the target and shoot from any position. This, by the way, is the main advantage of this type – you do not need to bring the machine gun to your shoulder and spend time aiming, you just need to point the red dot at the target. True, there are certain disadvantages to this. So, the beam very strongly unmasks the arrow and allows you to quickly determine its location.

Thermal Sight


A sight with a thermal imager is a truly indispensable item for shooters who may need to fire in the dark or in poor visibility conditions (for example, fog). Observation through this sight shows the shooter the area, all objects of which are highlighted in different colors based on their own temperature. The most important and significant drawback is the price, which can reach several hundred thousand rubles. Look best-rated thermal scopes at AmmoCave.


Optical – mainly installed on sniper rifles, but sometimes also used by owners of assault rifles. This type of sight, as you know, enlarges the image, but at the same time greatly complicates the conduct of automatic fire and is intended rather for shooting at long distances.

Another variation is a canted sight. This function allows the shooter to switch between different types of scopes (for example, designed for shooting at different distances), one of which (directly the beveled sight) is located on the side of the receiver. Moreover, this sight does not have to be mechanical – it can also be collimator or holographic, it all depends on the design of the assault rifle and the sight.

In general, the choice of each type of sight depends on many factors, including the estimated distance to the target, time of day, weather conditions and many others (you can list them endlessly), so you cannot give preference to any particular sight, calling it the best among the rest.